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 Poem 16.  The Door to My Heart

There is a secret door to my heart,
It shuts out the cries of the world,
In darkness it hides with the beat of my life,
Singing and trembling it lives, yet still

A sadness pulses throughout my veins,
Reverberating through the walls,
It strikes old chords of myriad dissonance,
Taunting and screaming its hells, yet still

There is a key to the door and more,
A way to stop the quaking fear,
It's the power of the secret of my heart,
Answer to all that is wrong, yet still

The world rushes to meet destiny,
Pushing us too fast to get off,
This force pervades our lives with so much effort,
It echoes through hollow minds, yet still

There is a chatelaine to my heart,
She carries my secret door's key,
With it she brings me joy to banish my fears
To calm me and make my heart still.

Yet still, I tremble and wait for her return
December 28, 1993
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