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Here are some of my favorite places to be on the web:
Dreamland - you can find some of my poems and a whole lot of other folks too.
Sound and Silence - another of my places for poetry with a good group of poets.
Project M - the zines - this is a dark horror magazine - go there only if you dare, a place to read my poetry.

Here are some links to sites that are useful for writers (these links will open in new windows):
Elements of Style - Strunk and White online. This site has a wealth of other reference material as well.
Forward Motion - this is a site where writers get together and trade advise, work, and enter contests.
Internet Public Library - need to do some research in the middle of the night and your library is closed? Try this.
Merriam-Webster Online - The Dictionary - it includes another thesaurus.
Project Gutenberg - a great place to get complete versions of pre 1925 works.
Writer's Market - a place to find out about what markets are available for your writing.

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