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I am working on two novels at the same time:
Embryo: a trilogy about man moving into the rest of the galaxy.
Channels: the story of a misguided modern witch playing with something she's not really to face.
- I just like to write, and write, and write...

Embryo is a novel I am writing in three parts.

For those of you who have been watching, the set-up for this has changed.

The manned mission to Mars has begun. 24 astronauts are on board an interplanetary ship scheduled to enter orbit around the red planet and allow close exploration. It is expected to take over a year to reach the planet, reversing the orientation of the ship halfway to use the thrusters to slow the ship and control it as it enters the gravity well of the smaller planet.

As they approach the maneuver point, earth breaks into nuclear war. The astronauts cannot raise anyone on earth or on the moon. At this point, the mission commander announces a top-secret contingency plan to the other astronauts - taking the ship into deep space to find a new home. He meets resistance, but he drugs his fellow astronauts and places them all into cryogenic chambers. There is also a secret cargo of 1000 human embryos and the embryos of basic work and food flocks. The ship carries seeds for crops. Now the future of humanity depends on a computer program to search for and find a new planetary system with the right combination of atmosphere, temperature and safety to sustain human life. At each system,if a suitable planet is not found, the station is sent around the star, powered by the hydrogen collected and useing the gravity of the star, the station is slung towards the next possible target in the list.

The astronauts were hand picked to ensure the needed skills on Mars or elsewhere. There are men and women, the assumption being that families will be born one way or the other. It takes nearly 1000 years for the ship to travel from one targeted system to another before a viable planet is found. The atmosphere is right, the radiation and temperature levels are tolerable; there is land and sea, and no response to any attempt to communicate across known radio or microwave bands. The ship starts the regeneration process for the astronauts. Of the two dozen people, only four have failed to survive. With brief ceremony, their bodies are committed to space. The crew confirms everything the computer has found. Thinking they have found the perfect planet, they begin descent. Some of them feel queasy. Somehow the best looking location seems to be in the eastern mountain range, the rest of the planet looks to them like it is covered in a thick fog, even though their instruments tell them the opposite. Once they land they suit-up and walk outside to make final tests. There, they are greeted by something they do not expect at all; tall, black plants staring at them without eyes and communicating in their minds, welcoming their new slaves.

Book 1 Acquisition the astronauts take-off from Earth with a shipment of 1000 human embryos and go into cryogenic suspension, leaving a computer controlled space station to wander the cosmos in search of a new home. Upon finding the planet, the astronauts awake, reach landfall, and find plants are the dominant species. They raise the children, the Tarhish (the people where they land) force acceleration of the program, educate the children, learn the history of the planet from the single viewpoint of the ousted former rulers, and find out about dark weapons hidden at three volcanoes. There is a cataclysmic ending of the relationship between the children of earth and their dark masters.

Book 2 Assimilation the children disperse in groups across the planet, exploring and becoming integrated with the existing societies. They are really headed for the three volcanoes. One group goes through the desert, lives with and learns about the Zarians. Another group crosses the eastern mountains and learns about the Goumi, the Chalon and the Aosta. The third group, the largest, reached the plain of Anjon and splits into two groups one going to Anjon, where they become the latest addition to the court. The other sub-group travels the inner lands, learning the secrets of the obscure people. Unknown to the people of the world, the children keep in contact and share information, taking their time to grow and become indispensable to the various kingdoms.

Book 3 Ascendancy - the children save the planet from environmental destruction put in motion by the Tarhish. The ruling classes are decimated by the epidemics and the children of earth come to power. On the day that the final ceremonies have been performed where all of the peoples of the planet have sent delegates and sworn fealty to the children, a starship appears in the sky. Their long lost cousins from Earth have found them at last and want to welcome them back home.

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Channels: an evil spirit, who harassed the 'witches' of Salem, Massachusetts, is conjured in an attempt to channel by a descendant of one of his jailors. Things go terribly wrong and the man who was to be the vessel escapes, controlled by the demon. It is up to the modern day witch to persuade two other descendants to help her get the demon back in limbo and free her friend. But demons don't always follow the rules. In this case, it's a vengeful demon who is out to destroy the descendents of those who put him in limbo to while his holdings on earth have all been disseminated into other hands.

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